Category: Networking

  • Updating AWS Managed Prefix Lists

    I was working with a customer the other day trying to come up with a way to import a bunch of IP addresses into a white list on AWS. We came up with the approach of using Managed Prefix Lists in VPC. I wrote some Python in order to grab some code from an API […]

  • Building Dynamic DNS with Route53 and PFSense

    I use PFSense as my home router, firewall, VPN and much more. I’m sure a lot of my readers do as well. One thing that I have always set up is an entry in Route53 that points to my public IP address on my PFSense box. However, I use Comcast so, my IP address is […]

  • Where Is It Five O’Clock Pt: 1

    I bought the domain a while back and have been sitting on it for quite some time. I had an idea to make a web application that would tell you where it is five o’clock. Yes, this is a drinking website. I saw this project as a way to learn more Python skills, as […]

  • Slack’s New Nebula Network Overlay

    I was turned on to this new tool that the Slack team had built. As an avid Slack user, I was immediately intrigued to test this out. My use case is going to be relatively simple for the sake of this post. I am going to create a Lighthouse, or parent node, in an EC2 […]

  • Discovering DHCP Servers with NMAP

    I was working at a client site where a device would constantly receive a new IP address via DHCP nearly every second. It was the only device on the network that had this issue but I decided to test for rogue DHCP servers. If someone knows of a GUI tool to do this let me […]