Dialpad – A Review

Dialpad is an online voice over IP phone system focused on being the simplest phone system you have ever used. Is it? So far I sure think so.

Full disclosure: One of the businesses that I am employed by sells phone systems. It isn’t Dialpad.

When you run a business people inevitably want to call you. For the longest time I avoided having a phone number or giving out my cell phone number. I just wanted to avoid phone calls all together. Life is so much easier over email. But eventually, you need to move on and be able to accept a phone call.

I started using Twilio. Twilio was born in the cloud, runs on Amazon Web Services seems right up my alley! But it is not a phone system. It is very basic unless you want to spend hours programming on another system to get it to do what you want it to. I didn’t have time for that. But, it did allow me to have a phone number, forward calls, and forward text messages to my existing cell phone. Good enough for now.

My business is growing though. I need more features. With Twilio I still have to respond with my personal cell phone number. This is not great for a number of reasons. Most notably, I don’t want to give out my personal number anymore! This is where Dialpad comes in. Upon sign up I received a new business phone number, a personal phone number AND a conference line.

So I modified my existing Twilio number to forward to my new business line. You can port numbers into Dialpad if you pay for a more advanced plan. As I am unsure if I will stay with this software I opted to leave my number at Twilio. I then added myself as a forwarding user so that calls can come into my cell phone if I am away from my desk. All of this is done through a very user friendly web interface. You can also link it up to your GSuite accout to automatically add new users to Dialpad and put them into their respective call group.

After all of this was setup, I recorded some greetings and downloaded the desktop app. It works exactly as you would expect it to without any issues. The mobile app functions quite well. It has some quirks to it on the messaging side but overall it does what I need it to do.

One of the most interesting aspects of Dialpad is their Voice AI feature. While you are on a call it can live transcribe the call for you in the desktop app. Once the call is over it will analyze it and give you feedback. Just so happens the call I was on was with a client who was unhappy with the way their sales were going for the year so it flagged the call for lots of “Negative sentiments”. This is a very interesting feature that I will be keeping tabs on going forward.

Overall: If you want an easy to setup, full featured phone system with a decent price and don’t care about having a physical deskphone, Dialpad is a great option!

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