Local Business

I own and operate 45Squared. A local web development and hosting company in Grand Rapids. I also manage product development and distribution for VanBelkum another local technology company here in Grand Rapids.

All to often I see people quick to share posts and media from celebrities and large organizations. But, when it comes to supporting their friends local band, local business or local charity no one comes to aid.

I’ve been running 45Squared now for 2 years. The only way I have been successful at getting “likes” on my Facebook page is by inviting my friends to do so.

So what do we do about this? Currently I’m not sure. I own one solid business that puts out a great product and work for a second. Neither get much attention on social media from my family or friends no matter what I post.

I’m currently running a lead generation ad through Facebook to see if I can drum up any business through it. So far I have had 1 form fill from a guy who works for a competing business. I’m confused.

But yet we press on. As a small business owner I persevere through the lack of interaction from my family and friends. It’s a struggle some times but at the end of the day I am doing what I love.

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