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  • Deleting many files from the Linux Command Line

    I’ll admit that this post is more for me than any of my readers. I have this command that is buried in my notes and always takes me forever to dig back out. I figured I’d publish it on my blog so that I would maybe commit it to memory. Let’s say that you have […]

  • Subscribing All SES Identities to an SNS Topic

    I recently ran across an issue where I was experiencing many bounced emails on my Amazon SES account. So much so that Amazon reached out and put me on a warning notice. I realized that I had no logging in place to handle this. In order to create a logging mechanism I decided to send […]

  • Setting the Starting Directory for Windows Subsystem for Linux

    I use Windows Subsystem for Linux almost every day. I run Ubuntu 20.04 for almost all of my development work. I recently re-installed Windows because I upgraded my PC after many years. One thing that has always bothered me is that when you launch WSL for the first time it doesn’t put you into your […]

  • Pandas & NumPy with AWS Lambda

    Fun fact: Pandas and NumPy don’t work out of the box with Lambda. The libraries that you might download from your development machine probably won’t work either. The standard Lambda Python environment is very barebones by default. There is no point in loading in a bunch of libraries if they aren’t needed. This is why […]

  • A File Management Architecture

    A File Management Architecture

    This post is a continuation of my article: “A File Extraction Project”. This project has been a great learning experience for both frontend and backend application architecture and design. Below you will find a diagram and an explanation of all the pieces that make this work. The entire architecture is powered by Flask on an […]

  • A File Extraction Project

    I had a client approach me regarding a set of files they had. The files were a set of certificates to support their products. They deliver these files to customers in the sales process. The workflow currently involves manually packaging the files up into a deliverable format. The client asked me to automate this process […]

  • A Self Hosted Server Health Check

    I’m not big on creating dashboards. I find that I don’t look at them enough to warrant hosting the software on an instance and having to have the browser open to the page all the time. Instead, I prefer to be alerted via Slack as much as possible. I wrote scripts to collect DNS records […]

  • Where Is It 5 O’Clock Pt: 4

    As much as I’ve scratched my head working on this project it has been fun to learn some new things and build something that isn’t infrastructure automation. I’ve learned some frontend web development some backend development and utilized some new Amazon Web Services products. With all that nice stuff said I’m proud to announce that […]

  • Where Is It Five O’Clock Pt: 3

    So I left this project at a point where I felt it needed to be re-architected based on the fact that Flask only executes the function once and not every time the page loads. I re-architected the application in my head to include an API that calls the Lambda function and returns a list of […]

  • Where Is It Five O’Clock Pt: 1

    I bought the domain a while back and have been sitting on it for quite some time. I had an idea to make a web application that would tell you where it is five o’clock. Yes, this is a drinking website. I saw this project as a way to learn more Python skills, as […]