Convert Spotify Links to Youtube Links

In a continuation of my Discord Bot feature deployment, I found a need to convert Spotify links to YouTube links. I use Youtube music for my music streaming needs and the rest of the Discord uses Spotify.

With the help of ChatGPT, I created a script that converts Spotify links to Youtube links! This utilizes both the Spotify API and Youtube APIs to grab track information and format search queries to return a relevant Youtube link.

The code consists of two primary functions which I have shared below. One to get the artist and track names and another to query YouTube. Combined, we can return a YouTube link to a multitude of applications.

def get_spotify_track_info(spotify_url):
    track_id = sp.track(spotify_url)['id']
    track_info = sp.track(track_id)
    return {
        'name': track_info['name'],
        'artists': [artist['name'] for artist in track_info['artists']]

def search_youtube_video(track_info):
    search_query = f"{track_info['name']} {track_info['artists'][0]} official video"
    request =, part='snippet', type='video', maxResults=1)
    response = request.execute()
    video_id = response['items'][0]['id']['videoId']
    return f"{video_id}"

I took this code and incorporated it into my Discord bot so that anytime a user posts a Spotify link it will automatically convert it to a Youtube link. Here is an example:

If you want to utilize this code check out the Github link below. As always, if you found this article helpful please share it across your social media.

Github –






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