Automated Lambda Testing

Look, I know there are a bunch of test frameworks that you could use for your Lambda functions. But what if you wanted something simple? I spent an afternoon putting together what I would want in a testing pipeline that returns a simple “Success/Fail” type response to me via Email.

An architecture diagram for your eyes:

The idea is to create a JSON object with a key and value pair of the name of the Lambda function and the test event to pass to the lambda. Once the file is uploaded to the S3 bucket the pipeline can be triggered where a Codebuild job will iterate through the Lambdas and their events. The Lambdas will be tested with the event and return whether or not they are successful. The results are then sent to an SNS topic to be distributed to the developers.

Going forward, I hope to automate adding new Lambda functions to the JSON file so that testing can also be scheduled.

I spent time packaging this solution up with all the appropriate Terraform files and code. If you are interested in this solution feel free to reach out and I can deliver the packaged application to you!

Sample Code: GitHub



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