AWS CLI For CPU Credit Balance

Here is how you create a CloudWatch alarm to monitor CPU Credit Balances less than a certain amount: aws cloudwatch put-metric-alarm –alarm-name YOUR NAME HERE–alarm-description “Alarm when CPU Credits is below 200” –metric-name CPUCreditBalance –namespace AWS/EC2 –statistic Average –period 300 –threshold 200 –comparison-operator LessThanThreshold –dimensions Name=InstanceId,Value=INSTANCEIDHERE –evaluation-periods 2 –alarm-actions ARN:YOURSNSTOPIC CloudFormation Template:

Comparing Cooking to Architecting

I like to cook. I’m not great at it but I enjoy it. I first really started cooking when my wife was out of town visiting family overseas. I learned very early on that I wasn’t made to follow recipes. Often times I would see a great Pinterest recipe or a Facebook post but, when […]