Automatically Transcribing Audio Files with Amazon Web Services

I wrote this Lambda function to automatically transcribe audio files that are uploaded to an S3 bucket. This is written in Python3 and utilizes the Boto3 library. You will need to give your Lambda function permissions to access S3, Transcribe and CloudWatch. The script will create an AWS Transcribe job with the format: ‘filetranscription’+YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS I… Continue reading Automatically Transcribing Audio Files with Amazon Web Services

AWS CLI For CPU Credit Balance

Here is how you create a CloudWatch alarm to monitor CPU Credit Balances less than a certain amount: aws cloudwatch put-metric-alarm –alarm-name YOUR NAME HERE–alarm-description “Alarm when CPU Credits is below 200” –metric-name CPUCreditBalance –namespace AWS/EC2 –statistic Average –period 300 –threshold 200 –comparison-operator LessThanThreshold –dimensions Name=InstanceId,Value=INSTANCEIDHERE –evaluation-periods 2 –alarm-actions ARN:YOURSNSTOPIC CloudFormation Template:

AWS Backup

Recently Amazon Web Services announced its new service called AWS Backup. The goal is to create a simple, automated backup solution for resources within the AWS Cloud. There have been plenty of other solutions out there for backups but most are quite costly. Here is a look at the pricing for the AWS Backup solution:… Continue reading AWS Backup