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  • Deleting many files from the Linux Command Line

    I’ll admit that this post is more for me than any of my readers. I have this command that is buried in my notes and always takes me forever to dig back out. I figured I’d publish it on my blog so that I would maybe commit it to memory. Let’s say that you have […]

  • Setting the Starting Directory for Windows Subsystem for Linux

    I use Windows Subsystem for Linux almost every day. I run Ubuntu 20.04 for almost all of my development work. I recently re-installed Windows because I upgraded my PC after many years. One thing that has always bothered me is that when you launch WSL for the first time it doesn’t put you into your […]

  • Pandas & NumPy with AWS Lambda

    Fun fact: Pandas and NumPy don’t work out of the box with Lambda. The libraries that you might download from your development machine probably won’t work either. The standard Lambda Python environment is very barebones by default. There is no point in loading in a bunch of libraries if they aren’t needed. This is why […]

  • A File Management Architecture

    A File Management Architecture

    This post is a continuation of my article: “A File Extraction Project”. This project has been a great learning experience for both frontend and backend application architecture and design. Below you will find a diagram and an explanation of all the pieces that make this work. The entire architecture is powered by Flask on an […]

  • Slack’s New Nebula Network Overlay

    I was turned on to this new tool that the Slack team had built. As an avid Slack user, I was immediately intrigued to test this out. My use case is going to be relatively simple for the sake of this post. I am going to create a Lighthouse, or parent node, in an EC2 […]

  • Discovering DHCP Servers with NMAP

    I was working at a client site where a device would constantly receive a new IP address via DHCP nearly every second. It was the only device on the network that had this issue but I decided to test for rogue DHCP servers. If someone knows of a GUI tool to do this let me […]

  • Amazon S3 Backup from FreeNAS

    Amazon S3 Backup from FreeNAS

    I was chatting with my Dad about storage for his documents. He mentioned wanting to store them on my home NAS. I chuckled and stated that I would just push them up to the cloud because it would be cheaper and more reliable. When I got home that day I thought to myself how I […]

  • Lessons Learned from Migrating 17TB of Data

    Lessons Learned from Migrating 17TB of Data

    I finally pulled the trigger on some new hard drives for my home NAS. I am migrating from a 5U Server down two a small desktop size NAS. Ultimately this removes the need for my 42U standing rack. I did this transfer a year or so ago when I did a full rebuild of my […]