Where Is It 5 O’Clock Pt: 4

As much as I’ve scratched my head working on this project it has been fun to learn some new things and build something that isn’t infrastructure automation. I’ve learned some frontend web development some backend development and utilized some new Amazon Web Services products.

With all that nice stuff said I’m proud to announce that I have built a fully functioning project that is finally working the way I intended it. You can visit the website here:


To recap, I bought this domain one night as a joke and thought “Hey, maybe one day I’ll build something”. I started off building a fully Python application backed by Flask. You can read about that in Part 1.This did not work out the way I intended as it did not refresh the timezones on page load. In part 3 I discussed how I was rearchitecting the project to include an API that would be called upon page load.

The API worked great and delivered two JSON objects into my frontend. I then parsed the two JSON objects into two separate tables that display where you can be drinking and where you probably shouldn’t be drinking.

This is a snippet of the JavaScript I wrote to iterate over the JSON objects while adding them into the appropriate table:

function buildTable(someinfo){
                var table1 = document.getElementById('its5pmsomewhere')
                var table2 = document.getElementById('itsnot5here')
                var its5_json = JSON.parse(someinfo[0]);
                var not5_json = JSON.parse(someinfo[1]);
                var its5_array = []
                var not5_array = []
                its5_json['its5'].forEach((value, index) => {

                    var row = `<tr>
                    table1.innerHTML += row
                not5_json['not5'].forEach((value, index) => {

                        var row = `<tr>
                    table2.innerHTML += row

First I reference two different HTML tables. I then parse the JSON from the API. I take both JSON objects and iterate over them adding the timezones into the table and then returning them into the HTML table.

If you want more information on how I did this feel free to reach out.

I want to continue iterating over this application to add new features. I need to do some standard things like adding Google Analytics so I can track traffic. I also want to add a search feature and a map that displays the different areas of drinking acceptability.

I also am open to requests. One of my friends suggested that I add a countdown timer to each location that it is not yet acceptable to be drinking.

Feel free to reach out in the comments or on your favorite social media platform! And as always, if you liked this project please share it with your friends.



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