Where Is It Five O’Clock Pt: 3

So I left this project at a point where I felt it needed to be re-architected based on the fact that Flask only executes the function once and not every time the page loads.

I re-architected the application in my head to include an API that calls the Lambda function and returns a list of places where it is and is not acceptable to be drinking based on the 5 O’Clock rules. These two lists will be JSON objects that have a single key with multiple values. The values will be the timezones appropriate to be drinking in.

After the JSON objects are generated I can reference them through the web frontend and display them in an appropriate way.

At this point I have the API built out and fully funcitoning the way I think I want it. You can use it by executing the following:
curl https://5xztnem7v4.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/whereisit5

I will probably only have this publically accessible for a few days before locking it back down.

Hopefully, in part 4 of this series, I will have a frontend demo to show!



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